Howdy and Welcome!

To all Supermoms and their Loyal Supporters –

As I write this welcome message to my blog, I’m sincerely hoping that someone other than my husband, family and the few friends I guilt-trip into following me will actually come take a peek someday.

I have had the itch to write for the loooongest time, except that life kept getting in the way. And then I realized, that writing about this disruptive, chaotic life WAS the way!

Supermoms Wear Stilettos is about parenthood and the insane expectations and responsibilities that moms today juggle. In less fancier language, this is a place for me to vent and laugh off some of the craziness of the day to day grind. This is by no means one of those couture, fancy fashion blogs, nor am I one of those glamorously put together people you drool over on Instagram. The title of this blog is meant to be a metaphor for the concept that you can be a devoted mom and still have a fun edge too.


Regular moms embrace comfortable clothes, boring routines and exhaustedly put their dreams on the back burner. But not the supermom. The supermom puts on mom jeans because it completes her look. The supermom plans and executes meaningful and sometimes chaotic days. And the supermom waits patiently to get back to her dreams, meanwhile settling for a Moms Night Out in her favorite stilettos.

That’s who I aim to be. I know that having three kids, four and under, is very challenging, but I still plan on trying to enjoy every moment – of my youth, their youth and the blessings of every day. So, I’d like to invite everyone to join me on my journey in navigating the challenges of parenthood, all while still looking good (relatively), feeling good (usually), and making time for my dreams…the ones I have in my 2.5 hours of sleep a night!

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