Retail Therapy

The Last Temptation of Target

I have seen countless hilarious YouTube videos and and read equally as entertaining blog posts about the black hole phenomenon on Earth, better known by the common woman as Target. And, I still cannot figure out how they do it!

There are two guarantees every time you go there. (1) That you will enjoy yourself. Whether it’s discovering new items in the Dollar Spot, snagging a Cartwheel deal or grabbing a Starbucks, it’s always a fun outing. (2) That you will end up spending a minimum of $100, or double what you intended for sure, even if you technically went in for only one item.

And today’s trip for me was no different. I had just dropped off Aiza to school, Rania was at home with our part-time nanny and I needed to pick up some milk before heading home. Just milk. I’m technically supposed to be on moderate bed rest in my last few weeks (hence why we hired some help) and galavanting around Target is definitely a no no. I was seriously determined to park on the Grocery side, walk straight to the back, grab the milk, and walk straight to the front to check out. I kept running the plan over and over again in my mind, and ignored the little voice in my head that was screaming/begging me to go to a grocery store instead so that there would be no space for temptation.

To give myself credit, I did manage to follow the plan to the T….until it was time to checkout. And this is where the sneaky Targetians got me. As I rounded the corner to go to the few open checkout lanes, I knew I would have to pass the beauty aisles and women’s clothing section. I was mentally prepared and kept my gaze lowered as I slowly waddled to checkout. And then misfortune struck.

I happened to look up at a passing cute, pudgy little boy in overalls singing gibberish to himself in the cart as his Lululemon mommy pushed him along, while gleefully sipping on her frappacino. The entire scene was just so happy, that I couldn’t help but stare at them and smile. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw it:

The much raved about new Victoria Beckham line for a Target.

Damn. They did it again. Target is one step ahead of us! They figured out one last temptation for the people who had finally found some semblance of self control.

I lost all sense of mine as I quickly waddled over to the 5 remaining items on the racks and made a silent prayer that something of use to me would be available. And who knew that on that day, my prayers would be answered instantaneously? I ended up finding the most ADORABLE spring/summer ensemble for Aiza. Like…to die for. I grabbed it, hugged it to my chest, forgot to even check the price tag, and without a second thought, waddle-skipped gleefully to the checkout lane.

Blush Floral Ruffle Trim tank top and short set – Victoria Beckham for Target.

(Currently sold out).

Everything online is sold out. But, if your local store has any stock left, you should definitely check out the “posh” collection for both adults and kids. (not that you really needed another excuse to visit the store!). The collection is fabulous and a perfect collaboration. And yet another great way to hike up your Target bill. 🤣

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