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Baby It’s Cold Outside

I love that Houston has finally gotten cold enough for us to feel like winter is a real season and to be able to wear all our winter accessories for a legit reason! Except, the timing just could not be worse for me! We are T-4 days away from traveling and while I’m running around the house trying to pack and get my ducks in a row, two of my ducklings decided to get sick.


I knew this could potentially happen, so every time we have had to take them out the past few days, I’ve been holding my breath expecting to hear coughs or spot runny noses. We did good for about 48 hours. Then last night, the you-know-what hit the fan. The first half of the night, through our monitor, I could hear fits of coughing and congested moaning from my 2-year-old, Rania. I kept going to check on her, and then two hours later, I managed to get some medicine down her throat which finally allowed to me to get some much needed rest. Wrong. I was then awakened by baby Zahra for her 3 a.m. teething sleep regression bad habit whatever the heck you want to call it nursing back to sleep session. And as the grand finale, at 4 a.m., my 4-year-old, Aiza, comes running frantically into my room and screaming that she needs to throw up. (Miraculously the baby remained in her milk coma and frustratingly, the hubs didn’t get disturbed either). She proceeded to throw up two times.

The good news is that there was no more vomiting or upset stomach the rest of the day. And little miss coughy seems to be responding well to meds too. So alhamdulillah (praise and thanks be to Allah), that we dodged a close one. Here are a few things I do at the onset of the kids getting sick…sometimes it works great at containing their symptoms and other times everyone in the house ends up miserably sick. Still worth a shot, in my opinion:

1. Layer up the kiddos in warm clothing in the house – especially socks on their feet.

2. Cut an onion into a few chunky pieces and stick it in the room the child will sleep in. Apparently onions absorb bacteria? This is still yet to be confirmed, but my mom insists that this is a scientific remedy and not some witch doctor sort of thing. We have sacrificed many an onion in this pursuit. Those suckers definitely aren’t sucking up any of my kids’ bacteria, but maybe you’ll be more lucky.

3. Give them a little bit of warm tea with ginger, lemon and honey. Probably best to do this earlier in the day in case the tea makes them hyper. Probably best to also down some form of caffeine yourself too. It’s gonna be a long day.

4. Take out cow milk from their diet as much as you can. (This is actually from their pediatrician). Replace with more helpful liquids like water, orange juice and Pedialyte. Or, pretty much any thing they’ll drink. Ahem, juice boxes.

5. Keep the kids away from each other as much as possible! No hugging, kissing, sharing (read: snatching) toys, etc. Separate the bathrooms if you can too. And try to run a load of toys in the dishwasher at the end of the day to sanitize. My 2 and 4 year old don’t know how to separate, so this technique never really goes well for me.

6. Everyone wash their hands frequently. Like, I mean, til they get all dried up and prune-like, as if you’ve just spent the day playing in the ocean instead of trying to contain a cold epidemic amongst the toddler realm.

7. Steam for congestion! The little buggers follow me around all day anyway, so I use it as an opportunity to keep their toys in the bathroom while I treat myself to a hot shower.

8. Keep them in the house! Cancel all plans for the day and start wracking your brain for ways to entertain the bored little bum bums so they don’t become a pain in your bum bum.

I feel a lot of these basic strategies really helped today. But overall, for my babies, it’s TOO cold outside. Hopefully the weather gets to a more manageable cool temp and all four of us are feeling 100% by travel time. Otherwise, those 21 hours of travel will be excruciating. 😳

Stay warm y’all!

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One thought on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Great blog! Instead of juices, you may want to try flavor infusing the water – adding mint and cucumber – to keep it fresh, healthy, and less sugary for the little ones (and drink a glass or two yourself, mom!).

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