Meeting Overseas Family

Meeting new people is always a challenge for kids. While there are a few lucky tots out there who find it easy to be friendly with just about anybody; the majority get shy or anxious and cling to their parents.

My girl squad tends to be the clingy kind. Not the best when you’re traveling overseas to see relatives whom they have never seen or heard of before. Also not the best when they are jet lagged, don’t have the kind of milk and food they are used to, are staying in an unfamiliar home, and surrounded by a language which they understand but can’t speak.

So I did everything in my power to mentally prep them and excite them for the trip and I’m so so grateful to Allah that it worked!

I frequently had chats with them about all the fun people they would meet in Karachi and how they are related to me. But I focused more on all the little kids they would get to know. My older two refer to any person their age as a “friend”. So I showed them pictures of all my cousins’ kids and talked up all the “friends” that are waiting for them in Pakistan.

It totally worked! Since arriving earlier this week, and settling into the guest room at my grandmother’s house, every family that has come over , the kids have been shy but not anxious as I met and chatted and laughed with everyone. They have also been quick to pounce on any “friends” that show up and take them outside to the garden to play tag. The ultimate sign of this working was yesterday when my 2 year old Rania went over next door to play at my Uncle’s house and refused to come back even 4 hours later!!

Since we are wrapping up Week One and I still haven’t heard any requests to go back home yet, I’d say trip is going great so far. So glad I worked up the courage to visit my relatives and not let three little babies be my excuse to put my travel plans on hold. Supermom status, baby. 👊🏼

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