Special occasions are for spending with special people.

Us at a desert safari in Muscat, Oman in January 2018.

Last night we ended up staying in for Valentines Day…and it was the best decision ever.

My 9 month old Zahra had been fussy all day, but by 6 pm she was downright miserable and crankilicious. I figured it must be a new tooth coming in since she also decided to stop eating and not nurse properly too. So this was already enough to put doubts in my mind about leaving her and going out. (My inlaws had offered to watch the kiddos if we wanted to try and get out for a bit. I normally consider it against my religion, my existence, against the code of human life to give up a chance to pawn off the kids on someone and go out for some me or us time…so this offer was a big deal). Then, when Faris managed to make it home at 7, the other two girls were so excited to show him all the valentines they had gotten in school and to play with the cute little valentines gifts he had brought home for them, that it quickly became apparent that we would be celebrating not our love tonight, but our love for our girl squad.

Life post-kids is always putting your relationship and your desires on hold to care for the sweet little darlings who need you and depend on you for every step and every breath. But as a supermom, I have finally figured out how to even up the scales a bit. While I am totally down for spending my special occasions with my extra special cuties, I also know that my husband and I still deserve time to ourselves and to enjoying each other’s company in peace! Marriages often lose their spark after kids and this is exactly why! As much as your kids should get first priority, you still need to give attention to your relationship with your spouse too. Your foundation of love needs to be strong so that it radiates through your home and life. So on the days we aren’t able to leave the kiddos and have our awesome date nights, we make sure to always do something special once the kids are asleep. That’s what Love Day is all about – making sure you make time in your day to love ALL your loved ones 🙂

On a more serious note, in light of the horrific school shooting in Florida earlier yesterday afternoon, what parent wouldn’t want to cuddle with their children and shower their love on them? My heart is shattered for the parents who lost their children yesterday. Years and years of love and dreams and sacrifice for your darlings and it’s all over in just a second. Just a regular day of sending your kiddos to school, suddenly turns into the biggest nightmare. I can’t. I can’t even think about it because it terrifies me. Your kids are everything. If someone takes that away…how do you survive that? All I can say is I’m sending lots of love and prayers for those devastated families. I hope Allah can help their hearts heal soon and give them the strength to move forward after such a tragic loss.

Happy Valentines Day once again to all my readers, and don’t forget to shower your love on your loved ones every day. 💕

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