Recovering Rug Addict

When we first moved into our house, we came with some basic furniture and two babies under two. Two and a half years later, the only progress that has been made is the addition of another baby. 🤣 Which is like totally great and all, but my dreams of setting up my home have been cast aside for too long. It is time.

First agenda in Faris’s mind was to get some carpets to soften up our full hardwood home. At the end of last year, I bought a really bold and fun rug from Anthropologie (I’ve linked a similar one) for my girls’ playroom. I actually had to sacrifice my dining room and convert it into a play space for the kids. It only broke my heart because of the beautiful chandelier I had put in there, but honestly it was one of the most practical and rewarding decisions I’ve made in a while! They love that area and so does any friend that comes over! And seriously, as much as my hubs hates on the bold design, the floral pattern brought life and a touch of sweet girly feel into that room. Here’s a picture of our actual one, which is not available online anymore:

Next goal was to buy a rug for our living room. We have spent countless hours online looking at options. Even more dreadful hours of three kids running around or screaming while we have looked around in stores. We even went out of our way during our trip to Karachi to a traditional rug district in the hopes of finding a nice handmade rug there. The first thing we would notice in anyone’s homes were their rugs. And after days and days of hunting and discussing and obsessing, I finally came upon the one. And you’ll never guess where at. That’s right folks, trusty ‘ol neighborhood Home Goods.

Now anyone who knows me well knows that one of my top five retail therapy spots in life is Home Goods. Home Goods is a place that I often go without an agenda and still come out with a cart full of things that seem like a must-have in my life. And even when I realize I can do without them, they are too pretty for me to return! So obviously, when I decided to finally start pulling my house together – this was a preferred shop to visit.

Originally we were dead set on purchasing a very nice, expensive, handmade carpet because you don’t buy rugs every day and honestly because we had also become rug addicts by this point. Then we woke up one morning to a mural on our playroom wall courtesy of 2 y.o. Rania, chocolate stains on our sofa courtesy of 4 y.o. Aiza, and a grinning poop-explosioned baby Zahra dangling from my arms as we looked around the room in disbelief. Despite the lack of sleep and clarity on how to take in all of it, one thing was extremely apparent to both of us: it was not the right time in our life to be investing thousands of dollars in a nice rug. (Told you, rugs were always on our mind!)

The realization was devastating, but we stood strong, supported each other and tried to move forward with our rug-less lives. We also ate tubs of Marble Slab ice cream on our sofa, added to the stain collection and temporarily gave up on the hunt.

Until….the fateful morning this past weekend that I stumbled upon this!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. After all that hoop-la, this is what these fools settled on?!?! It’s so freaking basic! Go ahead, laugh out loud for real, I’ll even give you a minute. But honestly, isn’t that generally what happens to people who make a simple task over complicated?

In my defense, I hadn’t seen anything like this at any of the other places we had been shopping. When I came across this, everything finally sort of clicked for me. This color and understated design completed our room both simply and elegantly. It’s made in Turkey – a Safavieh rug – and their entire collection is not only beautiful, but so so affordable! And the affordability definitely sealed the deal for us, because I realize it’s a light color with three rambunctious littles and most people would not consider that wise. My father-in-law being one of them. He literally probably wants to face palm every time we make these kind of decisions… like the time we bought ivory sofas with little kids, or got super dark hardwood floors that every speck of dust and snack crumb shows up on. But this is part of that supermom mentality where how much of your life can you put on hold for kids?! This is our taste in home decor. So, in my mind, this is an opportunity to train the girl squad on how to treat things in our home with care. Which will hopefully translate to them being respectful of people’s property outside of the home as well. And of course, when there are accidents here and there, at least we aren’t destroying a $3000 rug. Plus the design has some strains of color, which should also help camouflage random stains! Another plus point for the color is that I have an obsession with having teal and peacock blue pops of color in my home, so this neutral carpet leaves room for my accent pieces to really stand out!

So, lesson learned at the end of the day is to be realistic as you set up your home with kids. By all means decorate it and make it beautiful – but think about functionality and keep in mind that quick destruction is always a possibility. And even more importantly, sometimes the simplest things are the best way to go. 🙂

I wanted to share some other places that we found affordable and good rug options in case you are also in the market. In no particular order:

1. World Market

2. Z Gallerie

3. Anthropologie

4. Overstock

5. Pier 1

Now that we are recovering rug addicts, stay tuned for more home projects coming up!

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