Breakfast Dates: Urban Eats Cafe Review

Today was one of those rare Fri-yay kinda mornings where the hubs needed to take off time from work to take care of things and he decides the best way to start the day is with breakfast with me! ❤️

We have a nanny come in twice a week for a couple hours in the morning to help out with the house and kiddos. This is by far the best gift Faris has ever given me, because this is my “me-time.” It’s my time to feel human again, to pursue my own interests, to catch up on much much needed sleep, and run errands or buy groceries in peace. Today was one of the days, so we had a built in babysitter for baby Zahra too – it was gonna be a true breakfast date!!

After Yelp-ing for ideas of where to go, we settled on Urban Eats Cafe on Washington. And man, oh man, we could not have been happier with our choice!

Every single item we ordered was not only extremely fresh, but warm, flavorful and melt-in-your-mouth type bites. Even the staff was soooo pleasant and welcoming. The feel of the place was as the name suggests, very urban. They had a market-like setup with specialty food items for sale in the center with tables on the outer edges. The walls featured art by the artist of the month. It had an overall cozy feel.

But back to that delicious food. Here’s what we ordered:

1. Spinach, egg and roasted shallot pie

Basically like a quiche, except wrapped in a soft doughy pita bread that did the whole melt in your mouth thing. Very tasty. Even the salad with its freshly made warm salad dressing was on point! This along with fresh squeezed orange juice, made my morning!

2. All Berries Waffle

We are talking scrumptiously sweet strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with cream and freshly made berry glaze on top of the softest waffle ever! Perfect for balancing out the savory!

3. Parisian Breakfast

This was Faris’s meal. (yes, I’m the fatty who had to have both the other dishes!) He was raving about the muesli which he said was not as grainy as others he’s had and great flavor too. He was particularly smitten with the breads that came with his order – super soft and warm. I watched him break open his croissant and it was fluffy and steamy and just the right kinda golden flaky crust on the outside!

I mean seriously – we loved the place and totally would go back with family or friends. If you’re a Houstonian or visiting the area – it’s def a great stop. I’d love to try out their lunch next time!

Now it’s back to reality and getting ready for a chaotic weekend ahead!

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