Overdue Pantry Re-org


Before I became a supermom, I was an ordinary overwhelmed mom of littles that was constantly in survival mode. #truestory.

Having babies back to back is no joke. Sure, you go through this phase of life in one go and then move on past poop explosions and break-your-back double strollers all at once. But it still has its challenges. Big, fat, ugly challenges. And those are all the real things I want to talk about on this blog. My imperfections are many mom’s imperfections – we just sometimes are embarrassed to admit that we don’t have a handle on things. But I’m not embarrassed anymore. If life is a journey, then motherhood is a difficult one and I want all the support and reinforcement that I can get, to make sure I’m successful!

Anyway, after I had Rania and all the way through having Zahra, I feel like I was in a two-year fog of figuring out how to live a normal life with multiple littles. I mean, little things…how to do groceries, when to eat meals, when to shower, how to balance everyone’s needs and emotions, how to get dressed and make it to and through events. You name it, it was a challenge. In trying to figure out the more pressing day to day needs, I started neglecting many areas of my life that weren’t vital to our survival.

The pantry was one of them.

Like seriously, 2 years of just shoving crap into the pantry lead to the most disgusting compilation of groceries I have ever witnessed in my otherwise organized and put together life. We could never find snacks in there, would purchase doubles of items unknowingly, and stuff would randomly keep falling off the shelves. I mean, it is terrible and so embarrassing to admit. But after waking up every hour to either a teething newborn, or a toddler with night terrors, or my other toddler who’s a recovering middle-of-the-night milk addict and falls off the bandwagon every now and then – I just couldn’t take out the time and energy to care about where a pasta box was placed in my pantry.

So part of my refreshed outlook on mommy life in 2018, I finally decided to tackle the pantry re-org. And man has it been therapeutic! Best part is, it took a one hour trip to Walmart and just a few hours of dedicated work in re-organizing to accomplish these results! All do-able while 2 out of the 3 littles were at school!

The outcome wasn’t anything out of a magazine, but if you’re looking to just clean things up on a budget – this does the job and does it well! It looks so pretty and organized to my family, that we keep going in there and eating things out of excitement from the clean presentation of it! 🤣🤣🤣

As parents we have so many goals for our kids and lives, but we have to wait a long time to see it come to fruition. But not this! I’m sure everyone has that one cabinet, closet, or heck, even a whole room that has been neglected post-babies and is on the to-do list to tackle. Here’s to hoping this motivates you to take it on and sort it out, so you can enjoy the high of seeing a goal accomplished too. Come out of the fog super-parents; the clear view is totally worth it.



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