Supermoms Don’t Wear Stilettos All the Time…Duh.

I’ve come to realize, as much as I enjoy following fashionable supermoms on Instagram, they really start messing with your head after a while. Have you ever spent twenty minutes scrolling through your social media feeds and then start wondering how you are the only mommy out there who can’t seem to pull it together and look like a million bucks every day?

I sure have.

My SAHM life consists of daily household chores, being a maid, an entertainer, a basic needs provider and running a lot of endless errands. Errands and chauffeuring my kids around town for their various needs and engagements. And when I’m doing all this highly unappreciated full-time work, I always tend to choose comfort over style. So are all these IG moms not normal, sweatpant-lovin, skip breakfast types that are slaving away like I am? What am I doing wrong? How are they able to be so fabulous that they look amazing for their everyday life no matter how crazy the day may be, always have fresh flowers and a Starbucks frap on hand, and are conveniently stalked by a professional photographer who can capture it?

Well, the short answer is, they aren’t.

FOMO and other social media led insecurities of not having the “picture-perfect” life are genuinely an issue these days. By partaking in the social media world, I’m probably even contributing to it somewhat. But I hope my writing will battle some of those perfection images for others out there.

Supermoms work hard to find balance in their life and therefore, take advantage of occasions where they can dress up and feel good about themselves. But even a supermom isn’t running around town in her stilettos ALL THE TIME. I mean seriously folks, don’t believe every image you see on social media. Ain’t no mama attending baseball games and swim lessons in Louboutins. At least I have yet to see one in real life. These supermoms make the time in their lives to pursue their passion for fashion – and that’s the side they choose to share.

When it’s time to go to the doctor, drop off loads at the drycleaners, ship off the bus load of littles to school every morning (yeah, bus load – at least that’s what 3 carseats and a minivan feels like to me!), I can guarantee that all of these IG icons also tend to slip into the comfiest ensemble of clothing they own – just like you and I. Sweatpants, joggers, leggings, athleisure wear, tees, tanks, hoodies – these, my friends, are true momiforms!

I think part of being a supermom is figuring out when to prioritize your kids needs and when to prioritize yours. Running errands and getting your kids settled for the day is not the time to worry about looks.

We hear all this talk about “dress to impress” and “first impressions matter”, etc. But I think there is a time and place for everything. If you can manage to put yourself together first thing in the morning before going out…. mad props! And please tell me how the heck you do it! Lol. But if you’re like me, and dress like a bore but accomplish more, it’s totally fine! Generally speaking, the only time people judge your looks in real life is at occasions where you are supposed to be dressed decent anyway. Whether it’s a girls night out, a formal affair, a meeting, an interview, etc – people expect you to look put together at that time and also form impressions based on how you look. But in the grocery store, bank, kids’ gymnastics class, no one could care less what the person next to them is wearing or whether or not they look put together. In that scenario, everyone just wants to get through the daily grind as fast as they can, and as comfortably as they can. And that’s normal.

So next time you feel conscious of your “bum” wear or the bags underneath your eyes when you’re out and about slaying your supermom life – please turn off your Instagram, throw your hair in a bun and call it done. Cause dressing up for running errands? Ain’t nobody got time for dat.

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