Weekday Morning Momiforms

Attention sleep-deprived moms with littles at home and littles in school:

Do you feel like a zombie in the mornings, packing backpacks and lunches and making your little darlings look presentable to the rest of the human world?

Do you desperately wish that you could just drop them off in your PJs? Actually, the better question may be, have you convinced yourself that no one sees you in the car anyway, so it’s acceptable to drop off the little rugrats in your PJs?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this post is for you.

Dropping off the kids every morning and having to look presentable seriously feels like such a huge insurmountable task. And lets be real, ain’t nobody got time to dress up like a million bucks if all you’re going to do is go back home and do chores, or crawl back into bed, or just be making a standard trip to Target or the grocery store. But c’mon ladies…we are SUPERMOMS…so lets settle for a notch above throwing on a sweatshirt over our PJs. Let me introduce you to my weekday morning momiforms. This week on my Instagram, I’ll share one week’s worth of morning outfits that are extremely fashionable yet comfortable and easy to put together. I’m asking for 5 minutes of your morning (possibly even less) to prove to yourself that you can look effortlessly put together even for something simple as dropping off the kids to school.


Can’t believe you fell for this. These kinds of articles are screaming “load of crock”. There is no fashion guide here mommy friends. Just me sending a friendly reminder that the key to being a supermom is knowing that there is a time and place for everything – including fashion!

As much as I love shopping and dressing up, picking and dropping the kids to school is no time to worry about your looks. Moms of today need to chill out! Don’t let social media or the Lululemon mommies in the carpool lane get to your head. We don’t need to be so superficial all the time. As a SAHM, we are totally allowed to have down time and off moments – nobody’s watching that closely. Wear whatever the heck you want. It really doesn’t matter.

I do think though that you should make the effort to put on some real clothes. My weekday morning momiform is anything other than my PJS so that if I have to get out of the car for any reason, there’s no walk of shame involved. Occasionally it’s alright to do it. But you owe it to yourself to behave like a human being and get into some sort of clothes for the day. For me it’s as simple as a basic tee with jogger pants or comfy jeans. And sometimes I even wear the same basic tee and jogger pants on repeat and add a different neck scarf or something so I get a slightly different look! (C’mon, don’t act like you’ve never done this!) You can save your stilettos and other fashionable moments for brunch, lunch, shopping dates and girls nights out! The fact that you can pull it together for those things after a hard day of child-raising and home-managing is precisely why you are a supermom!

Anyway, just a friendly reminder that if your kids look like rockstars at school, they need mommas that fit their image. Don’t let your littles down. Please, just change out of your PJs.

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