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DIY Pearl Jeans

There was a time when we used to really enjoy our lazy Sundays. Now I don’t even know how that term got coined! Our Sundays have become anything but lazy! Between family brunches and kiddie birthday parties, every Sunday morning we wake up and are on the go!

Today was no different as we headed to a birthday party at 11 a.m. For my outfit today, I decided to bust out with my fun DIY pearl-embellished jeans that I recently completed. And boy were they a hit! At the encouragement of some awesome friends, I decided to write a post about it!

As y’all know, pearl embellishments are EVERYWHERE this season. So naturally, I wanted in on the action. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect pair of pearl-embellished jeans for a while. I wanted something edgy – with a raw hem or something. As a Muslim woman, I try to be mindful of dressing modest and not showing my skin and what I was finding was that most pearl embellished jeans had either a lot of distressing or ripped knee action going on, so I wasn’t having much luck. On top of that, I really wanted something high-waisted because I’ve discovered high-waisted stuff just works so much better with my postpartum mom bod. I was at the verge of giving up when my mom gave me an awesome idea. She was like, “why don’t you just stitch on some pearls on your own favorite jeans? How hard can it be?”

And she was right. It wasn’t hard. And the result? A beautiful pair of jeans that had everything I wanted – including a flattering fit! When I wore ’em today, I not only loved the look but was so proud that this was something I made.

Now, I’ll be honest. Although this was meant to be a DIY project, it quickly became a DIFMM (Do it for me, mom) project. I mean, she was visiting…I was enjoying being spoiled. After getting all the supplies ready and getting started, I made googly eyes at my mom and she offered to finish the rest. (I seriously hope I am as awesome of a mom to my kids as mine continues to be to me. I rely on her for so much – even though I’m in my thirties!!). I kept the kids busy while she worked on it and she was done in about 2 hours.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Needle and thread. (I literally used those sewing kits that you jack from hotels at the end of your visit, lol). Thread should preferably be white, but beige works too. The idea is that it should blend well with the pearl which it will be looped through.
  2. A pair of favorite jeans – new or old. I went with a pair of stretchy, high-waisted Free People jeans from my closet. They have the raw hem detail that I like and a nice medium wash.
  3. A pack of pearl beads. I chose to go with a bag that had different sizes because I wanted to have some depth to the look.

Then it’s just a simple matter of sewing on the pearls in whichever design you choose. It’s always a good idea to have a picture on hand so you don’t even have to think too hard on where to place each pearl. I liked it going up the entire leg on the sides. Here are some pics of a few other variations that you could try out:

And then finally, here are pics of the final product – both off and on. Aren’t they so fun and cute?! 🙂

Quick comment on the first pic – I had a short window of time to write out this blog post while Aiza and Rania were napping and baby Zahra refused to cooperate. Since I couldn’t keep her limbs out of any of my pictures, I gave up and just used what I could get. But I have to admit, I kind of like it. It’s real. It’s not the perfectly planned, beautiful images you usually see on social media. But it’s me and a reflection of my busy, crazy mom life! ❤️

Anyway, back to the topic at hand! If after reading this, you end up getting inspired to embellish your own jeans – do leave me a comment and a picture of the final product! Would love to see it!! 🙂

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