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DIY Office Space

I have been wanting to create a cute little office space for myself for over a year now – way before I even started the blog. I kept thinking that if I had a cute little work space, I’d be more inspired to sit down and write and get things done. But with all the upcoming baby expenses last year and so many other purchases that were higher on the priority list, my desk and office space dreams were shot down repeatedly.

Until one fateful day….when my in-laws decided to clean out their old furniture. They decided to throw out this trusty old desk that I’m sure EVERYONE has had in their childhood:

Great classic desk. Good size. Good drawer space. Great shape. So naturally, the hubs thought this was the PERFECT solution for his wife and graciously decided to take it off his parents hands. Practical and great thinking, except for one tiny little detail. It wasn’t what I had pictured for myself.

I wanted a white desk, with gold accessories and a bold colored desk chair. With a cute rug and tons of fine point sharpies and cute pens available for me to scribble with. You can laugh, call it the high-schooler in me, whatevs. That’s what I wanted.

And after six months of the supposedly “perfect” desk sitting in our garage, the hubs figured out how to give me exactly what I wanted: A DIY Project.

We watched 2.5 videos on YouTube and were sold on the idea of using Rustoleum chalk paint in “Linen White” from Home Depot to give my desk it’s white look and then distressing it. (It’s very similar to Annie Sloan chalk paint). Faris and I are both huge fans of distressed furniture, so even though this would not be the kind of white desk I had originally wanted, I was excited for the project. And of course, for finally getting a white desk in any form.

This was one of the many home projects we tackled while my mom was in town last month. I just never got around to pulling the post together to share. She watched the kiddos for us while we spent the day outside sanding, painting, and distressing the desk. It was a one-day job and sooooo fun.

Painting a desk with chalk paint is so incredibly easy! You honestly cannot mess it up even if you tried. We had uneven brush stokes, some areas were too coated and others weren’t and the final product looks so good, you would never be able to tell! The paint also has no fumes and dries super quick, so it’s easy to get multiple layers on over a short period of time.

Here’s the step by step:

  1. Remove all drawers and unscrew all hardware of the desk.
  2. Using fine sand paper, lightly sand down the desk on all sides so that it’s not as glossy looking anymore and kinda looks all scratched up.
  3. Put on one layer of paint – it’s okay if the strokes are uneven although try your best to work out all clumps. Do this on all drawer fronts too.
  4. After an hour it should be dry – so put on paint layer 2. This layer needs to have long, smooth, even strokes and now it should be opaque – ie: you can’t see the brown anymore.
  5. After the second layer of paint dries, use the same fine sand paper again and pick a few spots to lightly sand the desk to create a distressed look. O(Totally a trial and error method and Faris did a much better job at it than I did).
  6. The original handles were a dull gold and I liked their overall shape, so I spruced those up with Krylon spray paint in Bright Metallic Gold. It brought the handles back to life! Literally just put them down on newspaper and spray on paint. These take several hours to dry. I left them overnight and then flipped them over the next morning and spray painted the backs.
  7. Re-assemble everything and wa-la!

Here is our resulting masterpiece:

Isn’t it adorable? I absolutely love it! I was so happy with the final product and so sold on this whole DIY process that I decided to paint our file cabinet to go with it too! The file cabinet wasn’t solid wood, it was laminate, but it still turned out great and now I have a cohesive little work space. Here is how it looks today with all my fun gold accessories and other junk all over it:

It’s currently in a corner of my master bedroom (where my glider and ottoman used to be for the baby. As I transition her things out, I’ll claim this little corner as my own…and of course, share progress updates here on the blog! 🙂 I found the pop of color chair that I wanted too – at TJ Maxx for only $50! That is correct. $50 for a fancy desk chair! Faris decided to get over having a hot pink chair in his bedroom because it was such a steal. I still have to figure out what to do with the wall space and get a rug, but for now I am so happy with my little corner!

Now tell me this isn’t the cutest makeover of that old desk?! Sometimes all we need to do is revamp old things and give them new life and a new value in our home. The best part of this project was that all it cost me was a can of paint, a bottle of spray paint, a paintbrush and some sand paper. And, just for reference, after painting both pieces I still have about half a can of paint left. So it goes a long way. Have I sold you yet? DIY projects are amazing! I love the ownership I feel of creating this unique piece in my home. So the next time you’re about to toss out an old piece of classic furniture, put on your creativity hat for a second and think about what you could possibly do with it and where else in your home you could put it to use. And if you can’t think of anything, message me! 🙂

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