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Baby Zahra is ONE.

My littlest baby is one.

I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it.

All of us still refer to her as “Baby Zahra”, even in our every day conversations. However, the lil miss is intent on rapidly outgrowing that title! I just recently mentioned to someone that I just had a baby. Totally forgot to mention that the “just had” was a year ago even though it feels like it was just a few months ago. Time is such a precious thing, time with our loved ones, time with our littles, time to do everything that we need to, and time to do everything that we want to. And this time, it’s flying by, with no regard whatsoever to our emotions and how desperately we need it to slow down.

This isn’t even my first child, y’all. But as each daughter’s birthday approaches, I find myself reflecting on the year that has passed – how much my baby girls have grown, their cutest developments, their not so finest developments, my favorite memories, and the parts that I wish I could just rewind to and try to enjoy more.

And that’s one thing, that starting this year, I had really tried to improve – was not having any regrets. When you’re a mom of multiples, there is literally so much to do and so much chaos, that you don’t remember to sit down and enjoy moments with your kids. And true to that statement, I have also spent the past year in some crazy whirlwind of momma duties. But for the few seconds that I would pause to laugh at a funny scene or comment from my girls – I would really truly pause and soak it in. I love being a mom. I could not be more grateful to Allah for blessing me with this honor. And yes, I complain and get frustrated…often…but that just means I’m not perfect. It doesn’t mean I don’t love what I do. ❤

Anyway, this post is for baby Z, so here are the top five things that I have adored about my daughter #3 this past year:

  1. She is SO chill! She is happy go lucky, doesn’t need a whole lot to entertain her, and is self-sufficient. She isn’t always attached at the hip to me, and I’ve read countless articles and heard real life experiences about how parents are often much more relaxed and laid back with baby #3, so he/she pick up that vibe and channel it too. Baby #3 also doesn’t get undivided attention from day 1, so they’re much more adept at navigating the world on their own and not giving mommy a hard time for her lack of attention here and there. I’ve also found that even though she doesn’t completely sleep through the night or doesn’t always eat well – that it also doesn’t seem that difficult with her. And maybe that’s not because she’s so chill, but because I’M so chill with her. When you stop stressing about what the textbook expectations are, things automatically fall into place or you just go with the flow and don’t agonize over the hiccups.
  2. Girl knows how to hold her own. She’s got two toddler sisters, but she doesn’t back down from what she wants. For example, recently, Aiza and Rania have learned how to play Uno (the red card game from childhood), and it’s become a daily game in our household. Aiza (4) is borderline suffering from an addiction to it, and has actually mastered the game enough where it’s enjoyable to play with her. Rania (2) still struggles with the rules of the game, although she does get the basic concept. She definitely has not reached the point of any sort of strategizing though and often yells Uno randomly in the middle of the game or says “ha got you” even when she’s throwing just a regular number card. Lol. Those antics are what make it enjoyable to play it with her. And then you have Zahra (now 1) who is the youngest expert card “fanner” that I have witnessed. She insists on receiving a hand too when we play, and proceeds to pick up each card slowly with one pudgy uncoordinated hand and stack it in a fan form in her other pudgy uncoordinated hand. And then lil miss thang will often throw cards into the mix in the middle of our game, or draw cards from the stack at random. Haha. She SO desperately wants to be in on the family game night action. And even though she’s uncoordinated and has no clue what the game is all about, she has mastered the movements of the game and refuses to crawl away from the challenge!
  3. She loves her sisters. From the earliest days where she learned to crack a smile, she has cracked a smile every single morning when her sisters have come into the room. Baby girl still is sleeping in my room (and often in my bed – we can talk about this one later!) so when the other two stumble in first thing in the morning, Zahra is the first recipient of their love, kisses and snuggles. And she majorly reciprocates. I swear it feels like her eyes light up and her entire face relaxes into the biggest, goober-est smile as soon as she sets eyes on one of them walking in. I LOVE it. I get to start each day with this heart-melting sisterly-love.
  4. Her favorite word is “ta”. She says it for everything. It’s her language. And yet I love that I understand exactly what she is trying to say. Ok, maybe not exactly, but I AM her mom, and I do get the general gist of each “ta”. I just find it fascinating how she enunciates each “ta” to mean something different. And I just adore how her nose crinkles up when she says it to express excitement!
  5. She makes me feel like I’ve finally gotten a hang of this mom thing. For two reasons: 1) Because anything that I’m successfully able to do with all three kids – two toddlers and a baby – makes me feel like a supermom. Even as simple as running a quick errand. 2) And her being a relatively easier baby, has given me the strength to start taking control again of my life – to try to better keep up with my home, with my husband, with my personal interests, with my social life, etc.

And somehow between all the cutie habits and finding strength to be the best mom possible, my baby girl has turned one. As sad as I am that all the baby days have passed, I’m so excited for all the developments that are to come! She’s cruising smoothly and is on the verge of starting to take steps soon. She’s starting to try and say words – she tries to copy what we say and makes the initial letter sounds. She actively follows her sisters around and tries to play with them. She cuddles soooooo much when she comes into our bed. I adoreeee the giggles and sweetness as she showers us with kisses and snuggles. Definitely looking forward to more of all of this sweetness from my precious baby. Happy 1st Birthday to Zahra Zeba Mohammed – looking forward to the rest of my life with you, my forever baby girl. 🙂

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