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Reminder: Nap when your baby naps.

My baby and I just took a 15 minute power nap in the parking lot of my children’s school.

Slightly creepy? Yes.

Just doing whatever a mom’s gotta do? Hell yes.

Here the thing, Zahra just got her 1 year vaccines this morning. She’s been a miserable mess ever since. Not crying. But uneasy. Getting frustrated easily, not drinking her milk, not wanting to nap. So when she nodded off 30 minutes before it was pick-up time, the wheels in my tired brain started furiously rotating. How do I extend her nap?!

Without properly thinking the plan through, I grabbed her and put her in the car. It was so quick that she fell right back asleep. I headed straight for the school and I knew the drive would help secure her sleep. Once there, I had about 20 minutes before the girls would be released, and had three options:

Scroll through social media, write a quick blog post, or take a nap.

If you have had the pleasure of reading my sleep deprivation post (HERE), you know that my number one priority with my free time is to REST! So, I parked myself under a beautiful tree with plenty of shade, checked that the doors were locked, set a timer on my phone and leaned back and drifted off. Not surprisingly, I was so tired that I knocked out almost immediately – and got 15 glorious minutes of sleep. I’ve never actually taken a proper power nap before, and true to their name, they are powerful! I woke up refreshed and ready for my energetic little bunnies who normally wear me out even more.

In fact, I felt so good, that after getting home, we had ourselves a little impromptu dance party. The girls were so bewildered by this happy mommy and their smiles were stretched so far that it looked like the crease line would fall of their faces. There were lots of laughs, and hugs, and holding hands and jumping around.

All thanks to a creepy little power nap with my baby in a parking lot.

So do yourself a favor. NAP WHENEVER YOUR BABY NAPS. Even if it’s short. Give yourself that rest your body needs to get through the day. Everything else can wait. Your children’s childhood can’t.


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