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Mom’s Ramadan Reflections – Day 1: Caffeine Fix

I’m ecstatic that Ramadan is finally here. Although today is already looking like it will be a very challenging first fast for me, I’m strangely filled with peace. Maybe it’s because I’m finally going to get my much needed faith-fix.

At the beginning of Ramadan, the number one thing most people miss in their day is actually not their food; it’s their caffeine. People around the world talk about needing their morning coffee or tea fix to jump start their day. Although I personally do not drink any tea or coffee (I’m more of a smoothie, frap, juice kinda girl), I find this dilemma to be symbolic of something much bigger in our lives:

Just as we need our daily caffeine fix to snap us out of our haze, to give us the energy to accomplish our day’s goals – we also need a faith fix.

Morning coffees are our go-to for starting our day. It’s a comfort factor. And that’s exactly what religion is meant to be as well. Whichever faith you choose to follow – it’s meant to be your go-to for everything in life. It should be your comfort zone. Faith is the thing you should turn towards to snap yourself out of your haze during rough times. Faith is what you should go to for getting the energy you need to get yourself going every day. It should be the source of what helps you map out and accomplish your goals. And just like you don’t miss food during Ramadan, but the lack of caffeine gives you headaches – you can do without all the fluff in your life; but if you don’t have religion – your life’s gonna be one giant headache.

For all my moms who are currently in a haze or struggling to accomplish their goals, take a pause and get yourself a faith fix. We tend to run to our friends and family, mommy blogs, self-help books, and the ice cream shop (lol), as soon as we encounter a problem. Although those support systems are great, they can only console us so much. What truly can bring your heart peace and perspective is a conversation with God. It will help you remember that moms have a special place and purpose in this world and that all your struggles are WORTHWHILE, even if it is hard to see why in the moment. Having faith may not physically solve everything; but it will give you the energy, the resolve and the courage you need to work through all the hardships.

And that’s the ultimate goal – the ability to combat the hardships gracefully, so that we can spend more time nurturing our kids, instead of nursing our headaches.


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