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Mom’s Ramadan Reflections – Day 5: What do you do all day?

What do you do all day at home with the kids?

I teach them Mandarin, how to write poetry in cursive, ballroom dancing to classical music, how to design an app for the iPhone.

Seriously? Why do people choose to ask such demeaning questions to stay-at-home-moms? Why is this the one job in the world that is looked down upon so much?

What I do all day with them, is raise them, care for them, educate them, empower them, help them build their skills, drive myself nuts for them, etc. And our days are not always filled with profound activities like teaching them their shapes and colors, or taking them out for long walks in the park. Sometimes the real day to day looks a bit more like this:

Kid won’t stop crawling away. Mom crawls after it. Kid cries. Mom consoles it. Kid cries more. Mom wipes away tears and boogers and starts making funny animal noises. Kid laughs. Mom laughs with a sigh of relief. Kid gets hungry. Mom feeds it. Kid is hungry but doesn’t want to eat anything from the 3,245 options you offer it. Kid has an accident during potty-training. Mom cleans it and changes it into a pull-up. Kid proceeds to have a poop explosion in the pull-up. Mom cleans it… again.  Kid messes up house. Mom cleans it. Kid gets separation anxiety. Mom cuddles it. Kid unravels entire toilet paper roll. Mom re-wraps it. Kid gets tired. Mom puts it to sleep. Ten times because kid isn’t sleeping through the night.

So try asking me again what I do all day. I fulfill my children’s every need and want. Keep them safe. Keep them healthy. Love them. Nurture them. Care for them. I make the freaking world go round.

I know you don’t get recognition for your accomplishments in motherhood. I don’t need it. I know what I do matters. It matters because I’m trying to raise good human beings for the sake of God. And all the good that these humans are destined to do, will result from the quality upbringing, the love, and attention I’ve given these humans starting from when they were the kid who wouldn’t stop crawling away.

But I’m tired, and sometimes ridiculous questions like these get to me.

Today’s lesson: Don’t let people’s stupid questions ruin your day. SAHMs rule.



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