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Mom’s Ramadan Reflections – Day 6: Seeing a Return on Your Investment

Nope, this isn’t a business post. It’s the business of motherhood post. Motherhood is a business – and quite a lucrative one. We are investing our lifelong education, earnings, health, love, faith and care-taking abilities into our children. In the hopes that they will grow up to be good, happy and successful human beings. That would be the ultimate return on our investment, right? One that FAR outweighs all the sacrifice (cost) we put into it.

But how can you be sure that you’ll get that return? I mean, there are bad people in the world too. Kids that do awful things. Kids that grow up to do even more awful things. Kids that have no regard for their parents. Or anyone else or anything else for that matter. And the truth is, there is no guarantee. You can only work hard and try to instill the best values in your children, and to give them the love and support they need to be stable, loving, appreciative and respectful human beings. But the good news is, that you don’t have to wait til they are adults to see your return. You can see the reward of your hard work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

As a mom, you are often invisible. Your personal needs and physical needs, are not evident throughout the day, as you prioritize your kids. But the fact that you are exhausted at the end of the day is an affirmation that you’re doing things right. You’re obviously giving this motherhood business your ALL. And as we read about day after day in the news – any entrepreneur who gives their ALL to their business venture, tends to find success!


When you look into your children’s faces at the end of the day, and they are healthy and happy, then you’ve done something right today. Everything that you managed to do for them today, worked. They’re alive and well (by the Grace of God) and by your tireless efforts. Even if the efforts were for trivial things like helping your kid search for a tiny figurine for 45 minutes so they would eat their lunch. It was worth it, because they ate. You sustained them. You understood them and the need for that ridiculous figurine to be by their side while they ate. You loved them; enough to sacrifice 45 minutes of precious time, enough to convince their siblings to join the search even though it just created a bigger mess in the playroom. It was worth it.

Your investment every single day as a parent is worth it. And God-willing, because of all your hard work, the return on your investment will make your entire life totally worth it too.

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