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Mom’s Ramadan Reflections – Day 8: Success in Motherhood

Sometimes success is getting your laundry into the dryer before the mildew sets in. -Unknown

Truer words could not have been spoken! We worry so much about being successful adults and specifically successful mothers… we forget that the measuring scale for success in motherhood is all about PERSPECTIVE:

  • Your face is permanently tired. Dark circles under your eyes. Limp, frizzy, thinning hair. Your back is always aching. You don’t feel beautiful. But when you tuck in your kids, they are fed, bathed, healthy and happy. They make your life beautiful. I’d call that success.
  • You didn’t clean up your kitchen after cooking and dinner today. But you ran around the playroom to race your kids in cleaning up their toys. You all rolled around laughing when they won. They went to bed with their hearts more full than the dishes in your sink. I’d call that success.
  • You didn’t get time to go get the groceries today. So you made breakfast for dinner and made funny characters with the last of the pancake mix. Your family laughed their way through dinner and no kid had to be coerced to finish their meal. I’d call that success.

Get the picture? Life with littles is all about taking and celebrating baby steps. We should acknowledge each shaky step forward because eventually, we’ll get the hang of motherhood, the kids will get older, and we’ll all take off running. So for now, go easy on yourself. Enjoy the slow and steady and be proud of your smallest achievements. Every day your child is alive and well is the biggest success.

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