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Moms Ramadan Reflections – Day 14: Moms in Every Form


I know I missed a few days of reflections, but honestly I just got caught up in Ramadan activities and enjoying the long weekend with my family. Faith and family will always take priority over any pursuit in my life! So, even though I was thinking about a lot of different things this weekend – I just couldn’t muster up the desire to pull myself away from family to write it out for the blog. But no worries – I’m sure I’ll find some way or the other to share those thoughts on here!

Anyway, the above picture inspired today’s post. I instantly loved this picture when I saw it on an IG feed on Mother’s Day. We often forget what a painful holiday it can be for some. And after a candid conversation with some friends over dinner last night, I’m realizing even more how important it is that we, as women, support each other in our choices and pursuits in life. In mom world there are constant critical judgments between working moms and stay at home moms, or moms vs. women who are childless, people who have strong family units vs those that don’t. Life is not black and white. Each woman has to make choices in her life based on her circumstances and what works best for her and her loved ones. Presumptions and comparisons don’t do anyone any good. They certainly aren’t improving your own motherhood or womanhood experience. So let it go and be understanding of all the different ways moms and women are a part of this world. The more we support each other, the more we can lift each other up to success and happiness.

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