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Mom’s Ramadan Reflections – Day 15: Minivan Goals


Today, as I was watching my minivan get a good ol’ fashion scrub down at Mister Car Wash, I started thinking about this time last year when we purchased this baby.

***SIDE NOTE: I intend to write a follow up post with a detailed full review on our 2018 Honda Odyssey soon – if you’re looking to buy – definitely keep an eye out for it.***

Anyway, we were anticipating baby #3 early May last year, and were debating whether to make our existing SUV work, or to bite the bullet and invest in the dreaded minivan. I say dreaded, because that’s how everyone my age feels about it. Minivans… well, they just don’t scream young and cool. They also are a reminder of how boring our lives have become with littles. You start envisioning the baseball cap wearing soccer mom, shuffling tons of tiny little humans around from school to home to activity to home and repeat. And God forbid, you head to a girls night out in a… minivan?! It just doesn’t jive with us being in our prime years.

But the hubs and I quickly accepted that the reality was that we were soon to be a party of 5 – and we needed a solid, functional vehicle for our every day life with three carseats. And guess what?

I fiercely love my minivan now.

All of it’s amazing family-friendly features genuinely make my life easier on a daily basis. It was the BEST DECISION EVER. I often find myself cruising around town picking and dropping the kids to school, playing nursery rhymes through my iPod and still feeling cooler than the guy who’s car is hugging the ground and who is halfway home as soon as the signal turns red, while I’m still slowly purring into action. I mean, does his car have cabin talk – where you can press a button and talk to your kids on speaker in the third row? I bet not. Granted he doesn’t need it since he barely even has a row behind the driver seat. But you get my point. Right? Or maybe you don’t – maybe you need a brand new minivan with its brand-spanking-new spaceship like features to turn your life around too. 😉

Anyway, as a team of washers shined my windows, I sat and reflected on all of this and realized something. The minivan “image” dilemma is symbolic of our overall life “image” dilemma. The dilemma of not accepting things for what they are – of being in denial because we want to portray ourselves as something different. Something cooler. Something more mainstream and acceptable.

Isn’t this precisely why so many of us fall into the trap of playing the comparison game on social media? Or why so many of us pour over Pinterest images – hoping to design our home or our lives in the same fabulous way as everyone else?

Where does that get us? In the minivan metaphor, this kind of competitiveness gets us to a shiny SUV where our backs hurt from lifting the kids in and out. Where we don’t have enough space for strollers, picnic supplies AND groceries all together in the trunk. Where the doors don’t slide open so that our older toddler kids can let themselves in to the car, when our hands might be full with other babies, diaper bags, our purses and their stuffed animals.

Basically, running after something you want to be versus accepting who you are and where you are in life makes you a whole lot less comfortable and maybe even less satisfied. Transitioning our family of 5 from my Escalade to the minivan has been such a game changing move that the ease and comfort of daily traveling WELL makes up for whatever sad, sympathetic nods I may get from the SUV moms when I get out of my car at the weekend birthday party. Or even better, the smirk from the valet when we step out of our minivan all jazzed up for the rare date night. 🙂

While everyone’s out there trying to reach #couplegoals and #squadgoals – our little squad is more than delighted to be comfortable in our skin and our place in life and pave the way for our friends with #minivangoals. (LOLLL)

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