Moms Ramadan Reflections – Day 22: Chasing Dreams & Potty-Training

It’s potty-training week in the Mohammed household and my 2 y.o. is just not getting it. She’s 90% there, but for some reason, I just cannot escape the daily accident here or there. Or worse, she secretly goes and puts on pull-ups without telling me, so she can do her business peacefully.

I’m so frustrated right now. I’m sick of scrubbing carpets, disinfecting sofas, changing bedsheets, and mopping up floors after her messes. I’m also sick of having to wrestle her to get pull ups off, and then chase her little naked bum around the house for a few minutes trying to persuade her to get some underwear on.

As the cherry on top to the craziness, the other day she accidentally pooped her pants. So naturally, I had to take off her underwear so I could clean and then change her. As I was slowly pulling them down, a wad of poop rolled out and fell straight into her pajama leg. <Insert frustrated screams here>

People are out there chasing their dreams, while I’m sitting here chasing turd balls in my kids pajamas.


I was fun before. I was going places before. The only place I’m going now is straight to the sink to wash my hands forty times, while I grumble angrily to myself at how much potty-training sucks.

Technically, I’m staying at home to pursue a dream too – to work really hard on raising amazing children and giving them the love and support they need to navigate the world as stable, successful, confident human beings. Yada yada yada.

Noble goal. But chasing my dream requires me to go through a whole lotta crap. Like literally. By the way, after getting her leg out of the disgusting pant leg and scrubbing her down, I did eventually find that stupid ball of turd at the leg hole. I stopped thinking and feeling for a minute, as I somehow managed to push it straight through into the toilet and flush it away. How’s that for being a go-getter?

YUCK. Ew Ew Ew Ew Ew.

Was that TMI? Was that too gross to handle? Well, guess what? THAT’S WHAT MOMS DO ALL THE TIME.

And then we move on.

The next time a dad sees us, dinner’s on the table, kids are all showered and beautiful, they’ve learned a new thing or too that warms up your heart. The next time our friends see us, we’re dolled up in gorgeous trendy clothes and sporting our fave stilettos. That’s a pretty darn amazing turnaround from digging out poop from underneath your never-manicured-anymore nails.

Anyway, I just want to say to all other stay-at-home-mommies out there – that we are all going to have moments where we miss our ambitions. We all were doing amazing things with our lives pre-kids – and working hard to reach our goals.

When you sacrifice that and devote 100% of your time to raising your littles, you find out that this new goal is not a walk in the park either. There’s a lot of challenges that you will have to go through and no one will EVER recognize that you are actually pursuing a legitimate goal or dream. No one will ever recognize that you actually have a legitimate job either.

It doesn’t matter – as long as YOU remember that you are pursuing a goal that is more noble than any career ambition. You are pursuing the well-being, the happiness, the success, the growth of your most precious asset in life: your children. And by devoting yourself to doing the very best job you can – you are making the world a better place by bringing good human beings into it. You are anything but ambition-less.

So keep on chasing those turd balls. After all, those successful adults you’re trying to raise – have to successfully be able to use the toilet first.

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