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Mom’s Ramadan Reflection – Day 24 – Cherish Now.

Today is the last Friday of Ramadan.

It is baffling how quickly this month has gone by. With all my anxiety over how fasting with three little kids would go after so many years of being exempt from it – the month unfolded beautifully and fasting was as smooth as riding a bike after so many years – once I got on, my body remembered exactly what to do to pedal forward. And that’s exactly what I did. I moved forward.

Through reflecting on my life this month, I’ve come to the conclusion that life is all about making the most of right now. Of cherishing and being grateful for this moment. Because there is no guarantee for tomorrow.

Just in this past month, I have witnessed the unexpected deaths of two little children in my community – a sweet exchange student in the Santa Fe High School shooting, and an innocent 2-year-old baby girl who was accidentally run over in a mosque parking lot at night.

Both these tragedies left me devastated. We’re always looking towards the future. Especially in the struggles of motherhood. We just keep waiting for this phase to be over, or that challenge to be over, or think about how things will be better once they’re past this age or that age. But what if there is no tomorrow? For us, or our littles? What if all we have is today, right now? Do we want to regret that we didn’t try to see the good in all the chaos when we could?

If your house is a total mess – you’re blessed that there are people around to create that mess. Your laundry baskets aren’t the only thing that’s full – so is your home and heart. If you’re sleep-deprived to the point where it’s affecting your mood and health – God is closer to you than ever! He’s holding you together by giving you the strength to still get through each day and meet the needs of your family. Right? See the good in the chaos.

Everything that we look forward to – be it Ramadan, a vacation, the school year, special events – is fleeting. These special moments come and pass before we even know it. What’s left is the memories of what we did and said and who we spent it with. So that’s precisely what we need to focus on: our day to day actions, our speech, and the people we surround ourselves with. We need to cherish now.

Instead of lamenting only one week left of Ramadan, I’m going to cherish each day that’s left. Because I’m fortunate that there still ARE days left. And I’m going to focus on making it the best days of fasting and meditation that I possibly can – even better than the days that have passed.

And the same for motherhood.

Instead of worrying about how tired I’ve been, or what struggles I’ve been having with each child – I’m just going to focus on today. I’m going to cherish each day I get to spend with them and make the best effort I possibly can to make that day positive, fulfilling and happy. I’m going to be the best mom and wife I can be today, and try to be better than days passed.

I know I share a lot of sarcastic quotes, and often rant about the difficulties of motherhood – but my intention is not to complain. Deep down I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way. I love my children intensely – more deeply than I can ever articulate. I choose to share these challenging moments because sometimes we need to de-stress by sharing our burdens with others and uniting in our struggles. Plus, it’s healthy to laugh off the stresses of parenthood so that we can move forward. Because, the truth is, every crazy moment is a memory we are going to cherish once our kids are older.

Today’s post is why I started this blog – to inspire other parents to conquer and take control of their parenthood experience – through positivity, humor and confidence. So, I want to remind myself and everyone else today to enjoy the chaos. Soak it up, love it, laugh at it. Cherish now. Because time is moving forward so fast, that just like I’m sitting here wondering where my month of fasting went… we’ll soon be wondering where our children’s childhood went.

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